Skin Needling & Chemical Peels in Leeds

The treatments offered at Natalie Stewart Aesthetics include micro skin needling and skin peels for local Leeds and nationwide customers. These tried and tested solutions help to repair and rejuvenate skin, with minimal pain and maximum results.


Genosys Micro Needling


Micro-needling is a proven method of collagen induction therapy. The process strengthens the epidermis by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Our technician induces collagen by gently moving a wand (which contains fine needles) over the skin, to create micro punctures. These trigger collagen and elastin to fill the punctures to create firmer skin. The effects are noticeable after a short period, while Leeds and nationwide customers needn’t worry about any side effects from the procedure.


The benefits of micro-needling include:


• Reduced Wrinkles and Fines Lines – The increase in collagen and elastin stops thinning and sagging skin, including the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It is also a cost-effective treatment when compared to laser and light solutions

• Improved Scar Tissue – New, healthier skin is formed from the higher levels of collagen and elastin, which diminishes surgical or acne scars

• Diminished Stretch Marks – Micro skin needling helps to reduce stretch marks, in combination with other laser treatments. This is usually difficult to completely remove with cosmetic procedures

• Prevents Early Signs of Ageing – You don’t need to worry about new fine lines and wrinkles, as micro needling lessens lines from forming with special antioxidant serums too


Skin needling treatments are non-invasive alternatives for different skin types, with minimal discomfort involved. The skin needling process can last up to one hour, beginning with a topical anaesthetic and finishing with a hydrating mask for a soothing recovery.

Results and Further Treatments


Customers in Leeds and the surrounding areas can expect to see signs of repair within 6 weeks. This is because new skins cells and collagen need to be formed. Nevertheless, the body will start to naturally regenerate the underlying dermis layers after the first treatment.


The skilled technician at Natalie Stewart Aesthetics recommends a course of up to 6 treatments every 3 weeks for optimal skin repair. The number of sessions depend on the condition of the skin and the size of the area being treated. The body’s natural response to skin needling affects the speed of recovery. Leeds and nationwide customers are also advised that it can take up to 24 hours for recovery after each session.

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Epiderma5 Skin Peels


The main reasons why we suffer from imperfections are due to age, UV damage, acne and unclean pores. To alleviate spots, wrinkles and dull looking skin, Natalie applies a skin peel to your face, hands and neck. Skin peel treatments leave your skin looking healthier and firmer, by eliminating the following flaws:


• Sun Spots

• Acne and Post-Acne Scars

• Dry and Rough Textures Skin

• Fine Lines and Wrinkles

• Unwanted Freckles and Irregular Skin Pigmentation

• Dark Circles Around the Eyes

• Large Pores Clogged with Dead Skin Cells


The epiderma5 AHA skin peel is made up of 40% glycolic acid, which is developed from sugar cane, plus actives, botanicals and essential oils. This type of skin peel is ideal for promoting healthy skin through exfoliation, whilst preventing damage to the stratum corneum (top layer of skin). The treatment penetrates the upper epidermis layer, allowing dead skin cells below to dissolve. The pain-free process refines pores and creates softer and healthier complexions.

Benefits of Skin Peels


We use eco-friendly, non-toxic treatments for customers in Leeds and the surrounding areas, which are safe to use on all skin types. The solution promotes the growth of new cells and production of collagen, as well as gently removing the affected top layer of skin.


• Skin looks younger, brighter and clearer, without discolouration

• Damaged skin cells are removed to improve the texture

• Treatments are fragrance free, to avoid reactions from sensitive skin

• Skin peel solutions don’t include harmful preservatives or parabens

• Animal testing is not practiced

• All products adhere to current UK and EU regulations


After peels have been carried out, your skin will be sensitive to direct sunlight. We recommend that the Leeds and nationwide customers we treat should wear sunscreen to avoid UVA and UVB damage. Skin peels can cause uneven skin tones after the procedure. Skin enhancements like these are not suited to customers with sagging skin or excessive wrinkles.

Chemical Peels


Like skin peels, we apply a chemical solution to your face which is designed for optimal exfoliation. This results in smoother skin, including reduced wrinkles and diminished looking scars.


There are three types of chemical skin peel treatments we offer:


• Light Peels – This removes the epidermis to alleviate signs of ageing, including fine lines and skin discolouration

• Medium Peels – The epidermis and upper dermis (the middle layer of skin) is treated to reduce deeper wrinkles, acne scars and pigmentation

• Deep Peel – The lower dermis layer is targeted to lessen deeper, scar tissue and irregular pigmentation too

Prices for Treatments


The brands we use for micro needling at Natalie Stewart Aesthetics include Genosys Micro Needling and Dermaroller, plus epiderma5 Glycolic for skin peels at competitive prices.


• Micro Needling and Dermaroller from £50

• Glycol Skin Peels from £40

To discover more about the skin needling and chemical peels we offer to customers in Leeds and the wider nationwide area, call 01132 623 311.

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a picture of a facelift
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a picture of a facelift
a picture of acne treatment 2
a picture of skin needling
a picture of a facelift
a picture of acne treatment 2
a picture of skin needling
a picture of acne treatment 2